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wholesale is what gives our coffee it's greatest sense of connection and purpose. our favorite part of being in the coffee is the relationships with those who choose to serve coffee. it would bring us much joy to help benefit your business and be a character in your story. let us join you in serving your community!

with us

wholesale benefits

aside from getting some truly amazing coffee to work with, you also get some pretty cool people to work with too. we provide resources in maintenance scheduling, price flexibility, custom roasting, and (depending on volume) white labeling.

with a history of working in, managing, and consulting in coffee shops. we've experienced a lot of bumps in the road. we are big believers in open communication.


great coffee

a coffee business should start with quality coffee and end with quality profitability. when we receive samples and like something, we buy it. we are upfront about the pricing and committed to ensuring you and your customers are satisfied. we want to bring a smile and hopefully a profit to you.

culture and partnership

we love dogs,people and coffee! we crave community and celebration in small successes. work may sometimes be stressful, but it doesn't always have to be complicated. as a business owner and fellow in the industry, we want to ensure that you have time to enjoy the process, look back, and see an incredible story.

customer service

you are not alone. your problems truly are our problems. we want to help when things get hard and celebrate when they aren't. we are still small, but our promise isn’t. we love our customers and love to serve
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Based in TYLER, TEXAS, we carefully craft THE BEST QUALITY coffees from around the world.

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